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Difficult day today as far as the writing went. On Halloween we got a flat tire on the way back from the #Occupation. Not the worst thing ever. I pulled the flat off, put on the donut, and only got half of my ass wet from the rain. But today, I realized that the NaNo write-in that I wanted to go to was a bit far away to drive to on a donut. Blah. So I’m now behind in writing, and I missed the first group event that I wasn’t working during.

Anyhow… I did go to the Panera Bread on McKnight road and gobble up their WiFi while gobbling up a sandwich and then did some writing. I bumped out 618 words in a couple of hours, then had to stop and head home. Michele is spending the night manning the Medic Tent downtown at the #Occupation, so I had to get her dropped off down there. Now I just need to get the kid to finish his waffle fries and head upstairs. Then the whole house is mine (except for the cats, of course). I’m going to try to throw a house party do some more writing tonight before bed. Wish me luck!

BOO! Halloween PLAYMOBIL scary!!!!


Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain to all out there!


We didn’t do much this year. Went out and dropped of some candy to the folks at #OccupyPGH. Then ate some candy (OK… We ate a metric fuck-tonne of candy). Then all hell broke loose  we did some dishes and made some soup in the crockpot. That’ll be done sometime next century tomorrow. I made a Field Roast Classic Meatloaf and (with the assist from the Mrs.) gravy for meatloaf sandwiches. The wife said that she had never had a meatloaf sandwich, and I looked at her like she sprouted a spare head. That’s the usual way a conversation goes when I make what I consider to be staple comfort food. While all of this debauchery was going on I was doing a bit of YouTube DJing. A three-hour set of great music for the holiday. Don’t worry, “Witchy Woman” or “Monster Mash” are nowhere to be found in this mix:

2011 Halloween YouTube Music Mix