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So, I’m in the middle of my marathon Google+ look around, and I’m looking at all the goodies that Google has to offer and click on Google Docs. Now if you would have asked me if I had ever used Google Docs, I would have said no. But I would have been wrong. Apparently I looked at it a couple of years ago. On 8/4/09, to be precise. I know because Google Docs had a tiny little poem that I didn’t remember about at all. Something I must have penned in my quick test of the program. The Cloud has finally done something for me!

I am guessing that I wrote this while working on what became the Singularity 1 album by my Red Lauan Tree project. The first movement in Singularity 1 is called Thee Wasted Lands and is heavily based upon T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land (natch) and this newly rediscovered poem of mine fits along with the kinds of emotions I was feeling while I was working and experimenting towards Singularity 1. That’s my guess at least.

And, no I don’t know why I have parentheses around the title…

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For May Day this year, I recorded two pieces of music. One is an ambient/drone and the other is a more beat/percussion based piece. I had planned to do videos for the both of them and have them out the door and onto the intertubes with a quickness. But, as my wife broke her tibia and can’t walk for a couple of months leaving me to pick up the extra slack around the house, I have gotten a wee bit behind. That has worked out for the best, though. With the extra time it has taken to get these tracks out into the wild, I have decided to release the videos for the two May Day tracks as well as add two companion pieces along with some poetry and make a short EP to put up on my Bandcamp site. I am (hopefully) going to make this a month long project, and release a part of the package in various places every Monday in May.

So today is the official release of the video for Another May Dance. It is a 9.5(ish) minute long ambient piece. This is one of my favorite pieces that I have written. It is a true ambient piece in the tradition of Brian Eno. You can let it wash over you as you passively listen, but active listening brings out details and textures that are hidden to the casual listener. There is a simplicity and calmness to it that I really dig, but there is also a bit of menace underlying the track. In the cycle of May Day celebrations, Another May Dance would be the vigil leading up to the lighting of the Beltane fires (which is what happens in next weeks video).

The Another May Dance video can be found on either my YouTube channel or my Vimeo channel.

Also the two other EPs on my Bandcamp site are both pay what you want with no minimum.

Like the great Bennu of Africa, I shall rise triumphing and reborn…

In the meanwhile there are big things happening musically here: Red Lauan Tree

Also new videos at Vimeo and YouTube!