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in the balance


a cascade and cadence


like the storms

gathering in the distance


come witness

the birth of troubles

the death and longing

the hand once entwined with mine


come witness

options weighed and

tongues stayed

lies said to appease and please

the hidden temptress

the empress

the lovers



I will refrain

I will refrain

Death’s head and windowpane

A burning on my tongue and lips

Your ragged cherry blossom hips

A moment we are best to forget

This cyclone

This bleeding

This widening gyre

This hatred

This feeding

This hand upon a broken lyre

I will refrain

I will refrain

During #NaNoWriMo, I tend to write a lot of poetry at the beginning of my writing sessions while I’m trying to get my mind into the creative headspace. And whenever I write poetry, I tend to look over and read/tweak older stuff. Over the next few days I’ll be posting some short pieces that no one has seen/heard yet. That’s right, constant reader… World Premiers!

To start out, here’s a quick little poem that I jotted down in a notebook sometime in late 2008.

How Empires Fall

Love is thee quest
for stability
Lust thee quest
for novelty

Stability killed Rome
Novelty killed the Romans