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PL▶Y is a new monthly Ambient, Downtempo, Avant-Garde, New Age, (etc. etc. etc.), night at Eclipse Lounge Pittsburgh in Lawrenceville. I started it last month with a few friends. It’s on the second Saturday of every month. The first event was a really great night. I have been trying to get a night like this started for a long time, and I am extremely pleased that it has finally happened. I believe that there is a need in the PGH for a regular event that is on the more low-key end of things. But, if you don’t feel like keeping things chill and want to dance and sweat until the sun comes up, PL▶Y is always before the Humanaut curated Hot Mass.

The second PL▶Y happens this Saturday (click on the flyer to see the Facebook event page). Hopefully I’ll see you out there.

If you want to hear what PL▶Y sounds like, check out the recording of my set below the image.

PLAY At Eclipse Lounge Pittsburgh

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“PL▶Y 0001” At Eclipse Lounge Pittsburgh On December 13th, 2014:


PL▶Y 0001 (2014-12-13) by Wgparham on Mixcloud



[00:00:00] A Breeze Through The Burford Spur – Broadcast (Berberian Sound System)
[00:00:34] The Equestrian Vortex – Broadcast (Berberian Sound System)
[00:01:54] Number 33 – beaunoise (Ambient One)
[00:05:40] Why We Write – Anklebiter (Weight Of A Pronoun)
[00:09:55] Keeper Of The Purple Twilight – Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook (Outland 3)
[00:13:23] Explorations – Red Lauan Tree (A Thief To The Gallows)
[00:17:25] Om Mani Padme Hum – Constance Demby (Skies Above Skies)
[00:20:50] In My Garden – Swans (Children Of God)
[00:25:28] This Is Me – Chris & Cosey (Heartbeat)
[00:27:58] Caught Unawares – Compag Velocet (Bon Chic Bon Genre)
[00:31:27] Invert – Gridlock (Formless)
[00:36:47] porch_field – Chris Randall (floats on air)
[00:41:41] Destroy Everything You Touch (Hot Chip Remix Edit) – Ladytron (UK Maxi Single)
[00:48:21] Climb – Aeaea (Drink The New Wine)
[00:50:42] Red Phase (Shifting Sight) – Red Lauan Tree (A Thief To The Gallows)
[00:52:37] Malleus Malleficarum – Broadcast (Berberian Sound System)
[00:53:28] Ein Seltener Vogel – Einstürzende Neubauten (Perpetuum Mobile)
[00:54:13] Hic Jacet Sepultus Inclitus Rex – Red Lauan Tree (*unreleased*)

This Sunday, I’m going to be spinning weird records at Brillobox in the good ol’ PGH. Which is great, because I can finally get myself a pair of skinny jeans. DJing on vinyl at Brillobox is basically like getting blackout in Hipster Bingo.

It should be a fun night. I’ve been going through my stacks of vinyl in the studio looking for prime cuts to play. I’ve been leaning heavily towards the odd and obscure. I tend to enjoy buying random albums from cutout bins and thrift stores. I usually don’t care what I get. If a record has an interesting name, or weird cover art, I’ll buy it. Thrift store vinyl usually goes from $0.50 to $2 a record. If I get a stack of ten or twenty discs, I’m not out much money. If I find three records that I like, I’m ahead of the game. Usually I’ll find some good sample fodder for my music as a bonus. I’ve found some real gems over the years, several of which I will be playing on Sunday.

I’ve named the event, Pop Garbage because I think of these records as the lost and discarded sounds of our popular past. Records that were pressed and then mostly forgotten about until someone needed to clean out their living rooms or decided that it was time to put away childish things. These records were once cherished items, that now collect dust and molder in stacks in the back corner of thrift stores. Some of them are records by once chart topping giants, and some by virtual unknowns. All of them are trash now. Most of the artists are long gone from the scene (if they ever were really in it to begin with). Some turn out to be small vanity releases. Those are the saddest records. When I play them, I am hearing the sound of someones dream that never became a reality. They either quit trying to “make it” or died without “arriving”. Either way, their proud moments end up in the rubbish heap of culture. I try to honor them, even when their work is ridiculous. They put their heart into it. After all, in the end, my work may end up in the bone yard with them.

In any event, if you are anywhere near Pittsburgh (specifically Lawrenceville) on Sunday the 20th around 9pm, you should come out to spend some time with me and my records. If enough people show up, I’ll get to do it again. I’ve got too many records to play in one night!

POP GARBAGE @ Brillobox

Music That Makes You Go Hmmmm…


The Birds

The birds who wade along the river
The men who built these bridges
The sun that warms the water

A heartbeat
then nothing
Persistence and stability
Stability and persistence
All illusions of the mind

I am here
and thus
no longer where I was

Yet there I stand gazing back at me
So, spinning I turn
Dancing on the shadows
and singing in the sun