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Impossible, Bitches!

Haters Gon Hate!


Also, a discount on super expensive cbd products

So Hot Doug’s is closed until May 1st.  So, not only was half the reason I came to Chicongo closed, I blew like 30 bones being driven all around town.  This is the first bad turn of the trip.  But, I guess if I look at this as a glass half full thing, it just means I have to come back to Chi Town in the near future.

I forgot to bring the SD card reader with me, so the video and photos I took on and of the train will probably not get uploaded to this until I get back to PGH.  That means that everybody gets to deal with lo-rez camera phone pics.

And speaking of the phone… seeing that things like Synthpond and FiRe and Mikey exist, I believe that I will have to upgrade to an iPhone sooner or later (at least before the cruise).  If I keep a hold on the phone I’ve got without losing it for a couple more months it’s a guarantee that this will happen.

I think I’m going to go take another nap here in a bit and then go out to the Exit tonight.  In the meantime here are some random photos from today: