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Difficult day today as far as the writing went. On Halloween we got a flat tire on the way back from the #Occupation. Not the worst thing ever. I pulled the flat off, put on the donut, and only got half of my ass wet from the rain. But today, I realized that the NaNo write-in that I wanted to go to was a bit far away to drive to on a donut. Blah. So I’m now behind in writing, and I missed the first group event that I wasn’t working during.

Anyhow… I did go to the Panera Bread on McKnight road and gobble up their WiFi while gobbling up a sandwich and then did some writing. I bumped out 618 words in a couple of hours, then had to stop and head home. Michele is spending the night manning the Medic Tent downtown at the #Occupation, so I had to get her dropped off down there. Now I just need to get the kid to finish his waffle fries and head upstairs. Then the whole house is mine (except for the cats, of course). I’m going to try to throw a house party do some more writing tonight before bed. Wish me luck!

Greetings From The Land Of The Lost

It's Like A Letter From Writer's Paradise

It’s November! And that means that it’s about to be my birthday and that it is also National Novel Writing Month. This year will be my second attempt at NaNo. Last years attempt started out really good, but various things caused my attempt to stumble. I got kind of close to my 50k words, but not close enough. I have gotten to the point that I can finish my album for the RPM challenge without too much difficulty (just a last-minute 15 hour mix down session and the traditional 6am Post Office trip in my slippers), but I don’t know what it takes to finish NaNoWriMo. As far as I can tell from others is that it takes coffee and insanity in near equal measure. Last year I had insanity, but probably not enough coffee. This year, I have decided that I’m going to finish no matter what!

To that effect:

  • I have no idea what I’m going to write about
  • I have only written 362 words of my daily need of 1,724
  • I’m blogging instead of NaNo’ing
  • I’m just about to head off to work where I can’t get any writing done

So, looks like everything is working out just great!

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter you will probably see a whole lot of tweets with the words “shit”, “fuck”, “damn”, and “motherfucking” followed by “#NaNoWriMo” for most of the month. Apologies in advance.

I am attempting to do National Novel Writing Month this year, and have been looking at the various software packages out in the marketplace for serious writing.  In my youth I did everything in VI and at some point moved over to using Emacs and version control software.  The problem is that I got lazy.  I started spending more time in a GUI than on the command line and have forgotten most of what I knew about Emacs.  Emacs is by far the most extensible and configurable writing and coding environment available.  It is also free and open source.  The downside is that the manual for it is 900 pages long.  If ya don’t use it ya lose it.  And I have lost it big time.

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