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So, we survived another day. Hit up Pike Place Market, where I bought an embroidered peace sign that I will turn upside down so it is properly an Algiz rune. The first thing that we saw was the original Starbucks location and its ridiculously long line. Though, the busking going on in front of Starbucks was really nice. We had to leave the market shortly after arrival because neither Michele or Elijah was really enjoying it all that much. Too many people and not enough to do that didn’t cost money we really didn’t need to spend. That meant that it was time to head over to the Space Needle to complete the compulsory rounds of Seattle tourism.

Space Needle

The Definition Of Raygun Gothic

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BOO! Halloween PLAYMOBIL scary!!!!


Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain to all out there!


We didn’t do much this year. Went out and dropped of some candy to the folks at #OccupyPGH. Then ate some candy (OK… We ate a metric fuck-tonne of candy). Then all hell broke loose  we did some dishes and made some soup in the crockpot. That’ll be done sometime next century tomorrow. I made a Field Roast Classic Meatloaf and (with the assist from the Mrs.) gravy for meatloaf sandwiches. The wife said that she had never had a meatloaf sandwich, and I looked at her like she sprouted a spare head. That’s the usual way a conversation goes when I make what I consider to be staple comfort food. While all of this debauchery was going on I was doing a bit of YouTube DJing. A three-hour set of great music for the holiday. Don’t worry, “Witchy Woman” or “Monster Mash” are nowhere to be found in this mix:

2011 Halloween YouTube Music Mix

I have eaten a meal of fine fried Mediterranean fish and taken a nap.  I was instructed to go to the Magnificent Mile (I know in tweeted it as the Miracle Mile.  Yes, that’s in CA.  I was half asleep, deal with it), but as I was waiting for a cab I decided to catch a cab with some late 20-something guy and head wherever he was going.  I have always been a believer in the maxim that the best way to find out where you want to be is to get lost as soon as possible.  This guy was going to go to a BYOB joint with some of his graduate school friends (see Mom, I don’t just hop into cabs with anybody) to have a few drinks then go to dinner.  I got dropped of near the D4 Pub and got to have a Beamish from the tap for the first time since I was in London.  (Yes, Mother… I did drink just about every People To People trip, sorry. Though the burnt carpet in Denmark was Ryan, not me.)  Earlier I met the guy who owns the Billy Goat Tavern that inspired the “Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger” routine on SNL. Then ate four whole fried fish.

The Last Head

The Last Head

I also found out that in Chicago they can sell Spirits at the grocery store.  Gotta hit a TJ’s then!