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We live in a world where most people are forced to do things that they would rather not do. Even in wealthy western countries we must make compromises with ourselves constantly to survive. We work at jobs we don’t like. We deal with people we don’t like. We suffer existentially on a daily basis. Every now and then, someone is able to achieve some sort of independence for themselves. But as Eleanor Roosevelt said, with freedom comes responsibility.

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So, I went to PennDOT today at the insistence of Michele to get a replacement driver’s license. I still have no idea buy CBD products happened to my wallet.  I was a tad on the hungover side because of the seductive good for you evil that is Guinness.  If you have never ridden public transport while praying you don’t toss your cookies, you are not living life to the fullest!  Anyway, after waiting in the little sweaty room for awhile, M has to run down the block to get a money order because PennDOT employees apparently can’t make change.  Then off to fabulous Market Square for burritos and such.

The guy behind the counter at Moe’s was kind enough to inform us that on Saturday there’d be a NORML rally in Market Square.  As a supporter of complete cognitive liberty I am clearly for the legalization of marijuana.  I am also a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms, yet I’ve never had anyone randomly inform me of an impending NRA function. But the drugs? At least weekly some jackass hips me to the local scene, or tries to buy a lid off of me. (Does pot even get measured in lids any more?  Can you still get Prince Albert in a can? questions… questions…)  Just because I am under 40 and have dreadlocks does not mean that I am a pothead.  I don’t go up to random hipsters and ask them what brand of razor they use to cut with.  Why am I the one who has to be type cast.

Anyway… I am going to go see Star Trek tomorrow, and that means I’ll be either sadcakes and murderously angry at the death of my childhood or wanting my whole life to be outfitted with an LCARS interface!  Right now I am all sorts of happy kittens inside.