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So Hot Doug’s is closed until May 1st.  So, not only was half the reason I came to Chicongo closed, I blew like 30 bones being driven all around town.  This is the first bad turn of the trip.  But, I guess if I look at this as a glass half full thing, it just means I have to come back to Chi Town in the near future.

I forgot to bring the SD card reader with me, so the video and photos I took on and of the train will probably not get uploaded to this until I get back to PGH.  That means that everybody gets to deal with lo-rez camera phone pics.

And speaking of the phone… seeing that things like Synthpond and FiRe and Mikey exist, I believe that I will have to upgrade to an iPhone sooner or later (at least before the cruise).  If I keep a hold on the phone I’ve got without losing it for a couple more months it’s a guarantee that this will happen.

I think I’m going to go take another nap here in a bit and then go out to the Exit tonight.  In the meantime here are some random photos from today:

I have eaten a meal of fine fried Mediterranean fish and taken a nap.  I was instructed to go to the Magnificent Mile (I know in tweeted it as the Miracle Mile.  Yes, that’s in CA.  I was half asleep, deal with it), but as I was waiting for a cab I decided to catch a cab with some late 20-something guy and head wherever he was going.  I have always been a believer in the maxim that the best way to find out where you want to be is to get lost as soon as possible.  This guy was going to go to a BYOB joint with some of his graduate school friends (see Mom, I don’t just hop into cabs with anybody) to have a few drinks then go to dinner.  I got dropped of near the D4 Pub and got to have a Beamish from the tap for the first time since I was in London.  (Yes, Mother… I did drink just about every People To People trip, sorry. Though the burnt carpet in Denmark was Ryan, not me.)  Earlier I met the guy who owns the Billy Goat Tavern that inspired the “Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger” routine on SNL. Then ate four whole fried fish.

The Last Head

The Last Head

I also found out that in Chicago they can sell Spirits at the grocery store.  Gotta hit a TJ’s then!

I am at a Starbucks in Chicago setting up this blog while listening to Blackmouth.  I just got to Chicongo and am waiting to go to my hostel.  I have joined the bastards on twitter, so you can follow me as I rediscover how much I enjoy pickles and stuff.

I am going to make an attempt to get most of this trip documented here.  But I am a Luddite, so who knows?

Here my ticket stub…

I Got A Ticket To Ride

I Got A Ticket To Ride