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So, we survived another day. Hit up Pike Place Market, where I bought an embroidered peace sign that I will turn upside down so it is properly an Algiz rune. The first thing that we saw was the original Starbucks location and its ridiculously long line. Though, the busking going on in front of Starbucks was really nice. We had to leave the market shortly after arrival because neither Michele or Elijah was really enjoying it all that much. Too many people and not enough to do that didn’t cost money we really didn’t need to spend. That meant that it was time to head over to the Space Needle to complete the compulsory rounds of Seattle tourism.

Space Needle

The Definition Of Raygun Gothic

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So, the Parham’s are on vacation. We decided to blow what little money we had on getting out-of-town for a bit. Ages ago, I lived in Seattle for a bit. I loved living in Seattle, but it got to the point that I was frustrated with having to work multiple jobs to live in a tiny place when I had a whole house back in Oklahoma. I went back to Seattle for the 2001 National Poetry Slam, but I haven’t set foot to earth in the Pacific Northwest since even though I have wanted to. Since one of the family goals this year was to get to the Life Is Good Unschooling Conference in Vancouver, WA, we decided to do a big trip and fly into Sea-Tac a bit early and spend some time in Seattle before the conference.

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