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BOO! Halloween PLAYMOBIL scary!!!!


Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain to all out there!


We didn’t do much this year. Went out and dropped of some candy to the folks at #OccupyPGH. Then ate some candy (OK… We ate a metric fuck-tonne of candy). Then all hell broke loose  we did some dishes and made some soup in the crockpot. That’ll be done sometime next century tomorrow. I made a Field Roast Classic Meatloaf and (with the assist from the Mrs.) gravy for meatloaf sandwiches. The wife said that she had never had a meatloaf sandwich, and I looked at her like she sprouted a spare head. That’s the usual way a conversation goes when I make what I consider to be staple comfort food. While all of this debauchery was going on I was doing a bit of YouTube DJing. A three-hour set of great music for the holiday. Don’t worry, “Witchy Woman” or “Monster Mash” are nowhere to be found in this mix:

2011 Halloween YouTube Music Mix