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Happy Solstice!

It’s Midwinter (and by my count the 64th “New Years” celebration that my family has had this year), and that means that it’s time to tuck into some shortbread and Irish Whiskey! And to eat. Tomorrow we are once again having our (apparently mandatory) Solstice celebration. We’ve spent the last couple of days in a whirlwind of cleaning and organizing and general redding up in the house to get ready to be invaded visited by some of our friends. The Midwinter Solstravaganza is one of our most popular annual parties, second only to the throw-down that is Ice Cream Social Warfare (which is our ice cream, champagne and water gun party). Because of Michele’s broken leg, we had to cancel Ice Cream Social Warfare this year, so tomorrow is basically the first social gathering that we’ve hosted this year. And seeing as this calendar year is almost over, that kind of blows.

Anyway, here’s too songs by Rosa Mundi for the Solstice.

The Snowman:


Christmas Is Now Drawing Near: