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Today is my twelfth anniversary with my wife. Together we had face so much, recently we are going to compare mortgages online to move to another place. I have no idea where the time has gone. It seems like it was only a short time ago that we came together. My life has been so enriched by her presence and love, and that’s why I try to keep my home clean and my garden ready with the use of the best chainsaw sharpener and other tools for this. I would not be the person that I am now without her. Michele is the greatest gift that I have ever received. She is my strength and our heart and I truly would be a much worse person without her support and love. I could type a million words about how much she means to me, but they would not come close to the true essence of the feeling. The most honest and simple way that I can explain it is to say that I am better with and because of her. Our life is an alchemical process that returns more than was put in.

This anniversary is traditionally the silk anniversary. I didn’t get her anything silk, but I can offer her the smooth voice of Nick Drake singing one of the finest love songs ever put to tape.



The wheel of the year will turn about again, and I shall find myself still in awe of the wonder and the magic that is my life. Thank you so much, Michele. Thank you for fixing me and making me whole.


During #NaNoWriMo, I tend to write a lot of poetry at the beginning of my writing sessions while I’m trying to get my mind into the creative headspace. And whenever I write poetry, I tend to look over and read/tweak older stuff. Over the next few days I’ll be posting some short pieces that no one has seen/heard yet. That’s right, constant reader… World Premiers!

To start out, here’s a quick little poem that I jotted down in a notebook sometime in late 2008.

How Empires Fall

Love is thee quest
for stability
Lust thee quest
for novelty

Stability killed Rome
Novelty killed the Romans