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A Refuge

I miss you in your casual beauty
in the way your feet trip lightly
over frozen earth
an arc of trees overhead

Your fingers and lips
woven with mine and
our breath dancing like smoke
in the winter sky

Above our heads the stars
are like pinpricks of diamonds
and all around us waits
the silence of the city at night

This one  was written on May Day of this year. It was supposed to be the first piece in a project of May/Beltane themed poetry and music. That project never got completed. This poem was meant to accompany the video for “Another May Dance”.

A May Song

And another may dance
And another may sing
And lonely in the square
Little girls spin and twirl in rings

And another may dance
And another year turns
And are we not aware
Of the things that we still must learn

And here in this forgotten wood
And here in this burning air
And here in this cyclone of seasons
The feathers catch my fall

And another may dance
And another heart breaks
And slowly we'll dance there
Until the sun and dreamers wake

Here is the video for “Another May Dance”. It is also on Vimeo, if you prefer that route. If you like it, it would be nice if you would to subscribe to my channel on YouTube, Vimeo or both.

Our friend Courtney is offering to watch our kid overnight. It is going to be Elijah’s first overnighter. I hope Courtney is prepared and whatnot. It could get interesting over there.

Anyway, this gives Michele and I an opportunity for a night out on the town together. This doesn’t happen very often. If we go out, we almost always do so with the kid. We like doing that. But now and then we like to go out and do things that are less family oriented than parks, museums and restaurants. Michele and try to I fit in some solo excursions into our schedules. Usually I get to hang with some people for a bit after I get out of work at midnight, and she’ll go out on the occasional Friday night. Sometimes she’ll go out on a Friday and not break anything. Someone has to stay home with the kid, so us going out together without him is a rare treat.

So, tonight we are going to go out and paint the town red. Then when we are done doing that, we are going to come back home and play some Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We’ve been waiting for this game for almost a year now. It’s only the second video game that I remember Michele actually asking to get.

In the meanwhile, here is a special date night edition of World Premier Poetry.


Rare Stones


Spare me simple treasures

I want only for rare stones

I will make you

And I’ll break you

Reveal the gift inside that’s come

Falling backwards

Over time

Slow motion display

And once tried but long forgotten crimes

Do you whisper still

And steam from fingertips

Through your windowpane eyes

And broken stained glass lips

I learn of secrets

And tend to fires split