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After I went Stepping Out the other day, I got a little more time to play around with the ValhallaÜberMod beta. As I got deeper into it, I couldn’t stop grinning. It does the standard gamut of chorusing, flanging and phasing of a standard modulation effect, but with a few twists of a couple of knobs the thing becomes a doorway to something dark and evil. It is a hellmouth of a plugin that allows me to quickly dial-up sounds that would take me multiple effects and odd mixer routings to achieve in another context.

I knocked out a quick example of it yesterday.
UberMod Test by wgparham
It’s a simple 6/4 loop built on one instance of Aalto with ÜberMod as an insert, and a Mellotron guitar sample with ÜberMod on a send. The synth line has the mix automated from 100% dry to 100% wet over two measures and then the feedback automated from 0 to 100% over the next two measures, then the feed back is automated back down to 0. The guitar line is two measures dry, then the send is automated from 0% to 100% over six measures, then back to 0% over two measures, then dry for two measures, then finally automated back to 100% over the next four measures. Real simple… Also, this is a very tame example of the madness that the ÜberMod can create.

All in all, I’m super exited and glad that I have gotten a chance to mess around with it.

I was discussing my method of work with a friend the other day, and I didn’t have time to go into too much detail about my methods.  I decided that I would explain it here in a (relatively) concise manner for anyone who was interested.

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