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Armchair Criticism On The Subject Of Music And Its Packaging And Performance Most Assuredly Long Past Everyone Else In The Western World Has Already Done So

Well, tonight is New Years Eve according to the western calendar and that means that we are celebrating the last new years celebration of the year. In a couple of weeks will be Chinese New Year, which is our families first New Years of the year. If being a Multicultural Secular Humanist means anything it means that you spend an awful lot of time celebrating the New Year!

But, in all honesty I am so very glad that 2011 is walking its way down the hall. This whole year was kind of a wash. Full of pain for myself, my family and many of the people who I love. Just thinking about where I was on this day last year and tracing the days from there until now is an exercise in sadness. For fuck’s sake, Scott Weiland put out a Christmas album!

Though, sitting here now typing these words I am in a good place. The end of this year has pulled itself together and has given me the breathing room to limp my way across the finish line. I am so thankful for my wife and son for getting me through this year. We definitely needed each other this year. I also want to apologize to and thank everybody who dealt with my various and frequent mental breakdowns on various social networks. Especially my twiggas on the Twitter. You guys had to go through a lot with me this year. 2012 will be better, I promise.

The one truly great moment of 2011 was my anniversary. Ten years with the most amazing supportive woman ever devised by nature! I say it all the time, by I entirely mean it. I don’t think that I would have made it to here and now without her.

And now is the time that I am supposed to put out my lists of Best Of 2011’s. Unfortunately, I don’t have lists ready. I read a lot of books this year, but I only read two and a half that were actually published in 2011. I only went to see a couple of movies, and didn’t keep up with what was going on with the films that I didn’t see. But, I did listen to and buy a whole heap of music! That’s a list that I can do. So without further ado, I give you my list of the best albums of 2011 (in alphabetical order):

01) The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble – Mr. Machine
02) David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time
03) Dolly Parton – Better Day
04) Gillian Welch – The Harrow & The Harvest
05) James Blake – James Blake
06) John Maus – We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
07) Micronaut – Transformer or Particulate (I couldn’t pick between the two, but since they are EPs just get both)
08) ohGr – unDeveloped
09) PJ Harvey – Let England Shake
10) The Roots – Undun

They’re all great, but if I had to pick two I’d go with the PJ Harvey and the David Lynch record. The Gillian Welch or the Dolly Parton would be a close second choice for those that don’t like Lynch or Harvey.

If you have Spotify you can listen to my Best Of 2011 playlist. Unfortunately Spotify doesn’t have the Gillian Welch record.

Well, everyone over at the house is getting more and more unhappy with me blogging instead of hanging out, so I will wish everybody a Happy New Year and leave you with some holiday well wishes from Greg and Donny:


Good Night! I love you all! See yinz in 2012!

I have been digging on this track for a couple of days now. It’s a bit of the kind of brash hipster electropop fluff that I normally can’t stand. Songs like this usually make me want to start killing people (starting with the musicians and ending with their fans), but for some reason this song just works for me. Maybe it’s the lyrics. They are nice and minimal with a bit of snark thrown in (“I’ve been in every club that a lonely man loves”) but they aren’t overworked. But in the end, I’m pretty sure that it is the video that won me over. You just can’t beat fanny packs, strippers and drag queens. It’s safe for work if your work is made of awesome, otherwise you might get some weird looks from co-workers!


Up until a few days ago, I have been able to avoid/ignore/completely miss the whole Rebecca Black thing. We canceled our TV awhile back so I missed the news media coverage, and I have gotten into the habit of ignoring most internet memes because I find them to be either annoying or mean spirited.

OK, let’s get the preliminaries out of the way, before I kick the rant into high gear… The song isn’t the worst song I have ever heard. I would rather listen to “Friday” than the neo-nazi classic “The Road To Valhalla”. ANY FUCKING DAY, EVER! (Especially if it was this version of “The Road To Valhalla”). It is an innocuous bit of modern pop fluff. Bigger artists have released material on par with the mediocre that is Rebecca Black. I’ll admit that the lyric is pretty horrible, but so is the lyric to Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending”. And don’t get me started on K-Fed’s “Popozao”. ::shudder::

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