PNW Trip Report, Day 3

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So, we survived another day. Hit up Pike Place Market, where I bought an embroidered peace sign that I will turn upside down so it is properly an Algiz rune. The first thing that we saw was the original Starbucks location and its ridiculously long line. Though, the busking going on in front of Starbucks was really nice. We had to leave the market shortly after arrival because neither Michele or Elijah was really enjoying it all that much. Too many people and not enough to do that didn’t cost money we really didn’t need to spend. That meant that it was time to head over to the Space Needle to complete the compulsory rounds of Seattle tourism.

Space Needle

The Definition Of Raygun Gothic

It took us a couple of spins around Seattle Center to find parking, but we ended up getting a spot pretty close. We walked past the Chihuly Garden And Glass exhibit and over to the ticket kiosk. Fifty some odd dollars later, we were ready to go up to the observation deck. But before that happened, I ran into Kevin Smith. He was in town for a screening of Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie at the Seattle International Film Festival. I said a quick hello, and we did the manly bro-nod and then we parted ways. It wasn’t until he was past me that I remembered that I had my little Digital Harinezumi camera in my damn pocket. I didn’t get a shot of me with him, but I did get a shot of his bald spot. That counts as proof!

photo: Kevin Smith

Why Does He Always Insist On Wearing That Many Layers? Today Was Hot & Nobody Needed A Jacket Other Than Him.

Now, I’ve been to the Space Needle probably a dozen times or so when people came out to visit me while I lived here, or just because I wanted to. Every time I’ve been, it’s been either rainy or extra windy. And when the wind picks up, the O Deck will just rock back and forth like a reed in the wind. I’m not really afraid of heights, but my stomach will sure do a couple of back flips standing up that high while it’s shaking!

Elijah couldn’t figure out how to use the telescope and I couldn’t help much. As soon as I got it working and adjusted so that you could see something through it, he would bump it on accident while trying to get into position to look through it. But, we were up there and we saw stuff. After walking the perimeter a few times, we went back inside for a snack and a cup of coffee. When I lived in Seattle, the coffee concession in the space needle was provided by Seattle’s Best. I’ve always believed that Starbucks purchased Seattle’s Best Coffee so that they could make sure that when a tourist came to visit they’d think that Starbucks owned everything.

After the Space Needle, we went and rode the Monorail from Seattle Center to Westlake Center downtown and back. Elijah freaked out a bit when we hit the first curve and the train tilted over. I tried to explain that riding on one rail made it easier and safer for the train to tilt, which made it possible for a monorail to make sharper curves and do it at a higher speed. He wasn’t buying it. All he knew was that the train felt like it was tipping over.

Photo: Elijah With The Seal Mask

Elijah As A Seal In Front Of The Monorail

Photo: Michele With The Seal Mask

Michele As A Seal In Front Of The Space Needle

Then we started the walk back to the car. Elijah was getting tired, so we took a break at the halfway point and sat down on a concrete wall. As we looked up in the sky, we saw the KOMO 4 News Chopper coming in for a landing.

Photo: KOMO 4 News Chopper


As it landed, it almost missed the pad and had its tail rotor hit the guard rail. What fun! We almost died from an exploding helicopter.

Photo: Elijah Witnesses Our Near Death

“WTF?!? Where’d These Jags Learn To Fly?”

Once all of that excitement was over, we went out to Taco Time because Elijah just had to see one of the new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in action. I have to admit, even though I almost never drink soda pop, the machine was kind of cool. Michele and Elijah made some interesting combos, and I was the old curmudgeon in the group and just had water. With lemon. Like a boss!

Since it was rapidly approaching rush hour, and I was dreading driving in Seattle traffic, we decided to head back to the hotel for a swim. I succeeded in not falling asleep on the highway, thus dodging death for the second time in a day. We ended up spending a good hour or so in the “heated” pool at our hotel. Though once the sun started setting, it was time to get out dry off and think about food.

All in all it was a good day.

Next time: Communist Bookstore (maybe), Anarchist Bookstore (maybe), And Drinks With A Friend Or Two. Or maybe we’ll just hang out in the hotel and rest up a bit.

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