Eleven Years


Today is my eleventh anniversary with my lovely wife, Michele. Eleven years is a long time, and in that time I have been made better and stronger by my wife. She has mothered my son, and kept the family together and as organized as I will allow things to get.

Who We Are

Who we are
Is who we’ve become
Over long walks and drives
Mountains and dreamscapes

Who we are
Is who we shall become
As we journey on
Across the setting of suns
And the rising of moons

Mornings come
With rainbow tides
And my skin touching yours
Your hand in mine

And my hands are
Not Hollywood hands
They are rough and cracked
From work and time
That I have put into this
Creation that is ourselves
But still I will touch you
And hold you with them
And count all of the time
That we have yet

I love you, Michele. Stay with me.

william parham

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Movere voluntatem montes. Sapientiam ut non desiderant.

3 responses to Eleven Years

  1. So lovely. Thanks for letting us witness the love.

  2. beautiful, inspiring words. makes my heart melt to think of a love like that. cheers to you and Michele on 11 years….and wishing for many more.

  3. I love you and your words <3

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