Valhalla, Mr. Beale


The other nigh the Mrs. went out to do an over night shift at #OccupyPGH again, so I was left here at the house #NaNoWriMoing in the middle of the night with nothing but the cats to keep me company. The kiddo had already gone to bed and I had been without human interaction for about an hour or so. Whenever that happens, I start trawling Netflix or the Interwebs for something to watch. That night, I decided to watch Network.

Considering that Network came out in 1976, I doubt that many of the #occupiers in downtown Pittsburgh have seen it. After meeting some of the younger ones by accident the other night, I doubt that some of them would sit through the entirety of the movie. That isn’t meant to be a slight against them, just an observation. Network was made in a different age for a different audience. An audience that didn’t know about the Internet. An audience that existed before everyone had a cell phone and there were high-speed data cables linking London and South Africa. Network was made by people who were living in a world that was laying the groundwork for the world that these younger #occupiers were born into. A generation that was conceived in the moment that Howard Beale is gunned down.

But, in the middle of the movie, there is one scene that is just so unbelievably amazing that it makes my head want to cave in. Inside of this film that is so mind-bendingly prescient in its entirety, there is a moment where the entire political secret behind everything is given. Just handed to the audience for the price of admission. And so as to save the kids of this ADD generation the interminable pain of having to sit through two hours of mid=70’s satire, I present one of the most important five minutes ever filmed. Five minutes that will explain the entire political climate, and teach the #occupation why they are out in the cold tonight, freezing under the stars.

The World Is A Business

In fact, this video is so important YouTube won’t embed it in this blog post. You actually have to click that link up there to see it. Sorry.

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2 responses to Valhalla, Mr. Beale

  1. I expect that I’m typing into the ether…
    Regardless, I was thinking about “Valhalla Mr. Beale” today and wondering what Valhalla was. As I searched god (Google) for an answer, I stumbled on this. Yes, that 5 minutes of cinema is the most prophetic in the history of the art, it is Huxley and Orwell distilled. It is, as he said, the atomic and subatomic reality of things today. Probably my favorite film.

    • william parham 2014/01/17 at 03:44

      You are not talking to the ether at all…
      The satellite is still in orbit, it just (unfortunately) doesn’t broadcast all that often anymore.

      I keep showing this clip to people, and it keeps blowing minds. It is amazing how much is in that film.

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