A Birthday Wish

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In my youth, I was a magician. A prestidigitator. I was really into it for many years, until I realized that girls would actually talk to me once I got into high school. And as I gained a love life, the world lost another Houdini.

Over the years I have kind of kept up with the goings on in the magic community and love watching a good sleight of hand act. I know how most tricks are done, and enjoy more than anything watching how well a magician performs the trick. It is why I love watching the old David Blaine specials. That kid doesn’t do a trick in Street Magic that costs more that thirty bucks. Most of the tricks in that special cost about eight dollars. What kills is his delivery.

Another magician that I rather like is Vancouver’s Jamie D. Grant. He has a great delivery and a friendly personality that just makes audiences believe in every bit of his patter. He also has pretty good skills. One thing that he has been doing for years is making what he calls the “Anything Is Possible” bottle. It is basically a Harry Eng filled bottle, but the deck of cards inside is still sealed. That’s the amazing part. I don’t know how he does that. But I want one in my studio.

So… Seeing that my birthday is Saturday, and you guys haven’t got me anything yet

Thanks in advance!

william parham

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