The Dead Walk, And They Are Kinda Fugly

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… But the show is not.  It is fucking goregeous (sic?).  And wonderfully shot.  If you haven’t watched the first episode of “The Walking Dead” on AMC, go do it now.  Then come back and read this.

Are you done watching?  Good!  I have been reading the comic of “The Walking Dead” since it started.  I am a bad boy and only buy the annual hardbacks.  When I heard that AMC was going to produce a live action version of the comic, I flat-out shit kittens.  Fluffy, cuddly kittens.  With goddamn bows on their paws.  The vagaries of my work schedule and All Hollows Eve’s demands of dancings of things widdershins caused me to only be able to watch the premier of “The Walking Dead” tonight.  And the show is about the best thing I have seen on TV.  It was as well put together as the first few episodes of “Mad Men”, or the entire first season of “Breaking Bad”.  The first episode was not as good as the second season opener for “Breaking Bad”, but I don’t know if anything really could be as good as that.  Season two’s opener of “Breaking Bad” is currently the best thing that I have ever seen on TV.

But, “The Walking Dead” is soooooo good.  It follows the comic quite well, but expands on the drama quite well.  Seeing as we no longer have access to satellite/cable television, I purchased a subscription for the season on iTunes.  The only other season that I have purchased on iTunes was the “Watchmen” motion comic.  And I still can’t download episode 4 of that.  So I guess that we will see if I get all of “The Walking Dead”.  I guess we will have to see if it makes it for an entire season.  I know that AMC is not FOX, but I am completely scared that any show that I really enjoy will be canceled before its time.  Remember “Firefly”?  No, because it got canned before three episodes ever got shown in a row.  Remember “Wonder Falls”? No, because FOX hated that show before they even aired it.  But AMC is not FOX, it is a deep cable channel that has put out the best two shows on television in the last few years.  Hopefully they will continue that trend.

Also (too) I voted in the single most lackluster election of all god damn time today…  And it still didn’t help.  Bad Senate choices.  Bad House choices.  And somehow Rand Fucking Paul is representing actual human beings in this fair democracy.  That 2012 thing…  It just might happen.  The end of the world seems closer every day…

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