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Because of Netflix (and in particular the instant streaming function), we don’t watch much broadcast television.  But the other day we had people want to borrow our satellite to watch a World Cup match.  Michele went to work programming the satellite box and making sure that everything was ready to go when people showed up.  When I got home from work, she was still watching broadcast TV.  Now because of the Netflix, I haven’t seen a commercial in about three months.  But the first one I saw was for the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball.

Oh, man! Where do I begin with this thing?

I don’t know how long these commercials have been running, but apparently there is a huge amount of buzz surrounding the Fushigi.  They say that it could be bigger than Hackey Sack or Yo-Yo.  Bigger than Snuggies!  People are going on about this thing like it was the Second Coming of Christ.  I just don’t get it.  The Fushigi is just a Contact Juggling ball.  Okay, so they have stuffed a reflective ball inside of a clear acrylic ball, but it is still just a Contact Juggling ball.  Michael Moschen developed this art form back in the early 80’s.  For crying out loud, we all saw him do his thing in the Labyrinth.  Its been nearly 25 years since the Labyrinth came out.  I don’t think that you can call this a new phenomenon, unless you only think in geological time-frames.

Anyway… Enough of that.  I’m back on the Netflix wagon, watching tons of Mythbusters with the kid.  Good times!

I bought the new ohGr track, “Tragek” the other night.  Damn good track.  I really like buycbdproducts direction that Ogre and Mark Walk are heading in.  The first track from the Collidoskope project, “Welcome To Collidoskope” was equally good.  Both can be found at the wdihtf.com store.  “Tragek” sells for $1.50 for lossless .wav format, or $1.00 for the mp3.  “Welcome To Collidoskope” is free, as is as an entire remix album.  Mostly good there.  I highly recommend it all.  Good stuff to dance to while you are cursing BP.  But just so you don’t forget that this is an oil spill that can be seen from outer space, the homepage for ohGr acts as a nifty and convenient Oil Spill Tracker.

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