Independence Day

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On July 1st and 2nd of this year Michelle “Bombshell” McGee appeared at Blush, Pittsburgh’s most popular (or at least most expensive) strip club.  I didn’t go, and (as far as I know) I don’t know anyone who did, so I do not know how many people showed up to this event.  I can only hope that it wasn’t many.  As a supporter of total cognitive and sexual liberty, I am in total support of anyone’s choice in the way the explore self-expression and the sovereignty of their bodies.  Bombshell is an independent woman, and is free to do as she chooses.  But as Eleanor Roosevelt said, with freedom comes responsibility.

We live in a world where most people are forced to do things that they would rather not do.  Even in wealthy western countries we must make compromises with ourselves constantly to survive.  We work at jobs we don’t like.  We deal with people we don’t like.  We suffer existentially on a daily basis.  At least most of us do.  Every now and then, someone is able to achieve some sort of independence for themselves.  I have been lucky to know a great many of this kind of person.  A good number of them have made their way in the world through sex work.  From erotic photography to prostitution.

Many people view sex work as vulgar, low, and degrading.  But this does not have to be so.  I am not speaking of crimes such as human trafficking.  I am talking about the freedom to choose what to do with your own body.  It upsets me that we live in a world that condemns someone for choosing sex work, yet praises someone else for choosing to become a lawyer.  I’ll let you guess which job I think has benefited society more.

Unfortunately many people in the sex industry seem to not care about themselves (or at least about how they appear).  Bombshell does no service to herself by using her affair to get her fifteen minutes.  Her bank account might get a nice boost from her increased celebrity (and status as spokeswoman for the affair aggregator,, but at what cost to basic dignity.  She also does no service to the perception of sex workers.

McGee has stated that as a single mother of two, she is pleased to be able to make any kind of profit off of her affair with Jesse James.  This is one of my least favorite arguments ever.  For anything.  Let me get this right.  You want to tell me that it’s okay to sleep with a married man for nearly a year, then make it public and break up a marriage, just to make a couple of dollars for your kids.  And apparently McGee and James where having sex up to four or five times a night.  So when was she taking care of those kids she loves so much.  Between the second and third go round in the sack with the “Vanilla Gorilla”?

Believe me, I am all for a single mother who can find a way to take care of her kids.  Preferably if she can do it without having to be out of the house forty hours plus a week.  If Bombshell McGee can go off for an hour or two on a Monday to do a photo shoot in Nazi regalia, then pop of on a Wednesday night to do a pole routine at the Bada Bing, and finally do a web cam show on Saturday, all while spending the majority of her time with her children, good for her.  In fact, great for her.  I can see where some women would think this is a good way to live.  A couple of hours of the week go to some pervy guys, and all of the rest of the hours in the week are spent with the family.  And, if you are living simply, there is money to spare.  I don’t even have a problem with the Nazi get-up.  I understand that you could be non-prejudiced and do the shoot.  You can even be non-racist and get off on the shoot.  It’s about the taboo nature of the Nazi imagery.

But with Bombshell, it’s more than that.  Apparently she has a Swastika tattoo above her vagina.  She swears that it was from when she was fifteen and hanging out with the wrong crowd.  Though they weren’t Nazi’s, just into white power.  Now, I tend to agree with the Black Panthers when it comes to the “All Power For All People” thing.  Go ahead and have pride in your race and your heritage.  Love and support your people.  But realize that every race and culture out there has blood on their hands.  If you cover yourself with the symbols of the people who created the Holocaust, you cannot claim that it is just “white pride”.  You have crossed the line into “white supremacy” and hate.  If you have a Pan-African Flag flying, or an Irish tattoo, you are not by default saying that you hate all that are not like you.  We can still be friends.

So, what we have with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is a woman who is most likely a racist going on a tour to show off her definitely racist tattoo in an attempt to celebrate the fact that she broke up a marriage as a strategy for taking care of her two children.  Way to help out the movement, girlfriend!

And don’t think that I am giving Jesse a pass on this one.  I am totally on Team Bullock.  But, I am not surprised by his actions in the least bit.  It’s not like he hasn’t shown a tendency to leave wives for heavily tattooed exotic dancers.  He at least has had the decency to run off to rehab and shut the fuck up.  That makes him not reprehensible, just an asshole.

So, on this Independence Day, remember that your actions have consequences and that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

william parham

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  1. I have no problem with people doing their thing and having the freedom to choose to do whatever they want as long as they are not hurting someone else. She knew going into the relationship with Jesse exactly what she was doing and what would happen. I feel most sorry for the children, they are the ones who always get screwed by poor choices of the parents. 🙁

    great post, tks

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